UFC Fight-Bot


My Role: UX/Research/Design Strategy/Chatfuel Prototyping


“How can the UFC use conversational interfaces to slow steady rise in the median age of its fanbase?”

The median age of the UFC viewership has been steadily rising over the last several years from roughly 37 years old to the current age of 49. This suggests that the younger demographics aren’t connecting with the sport. To help initiate new and casual fans we created a chatbot that employs an offbeat personality and humor to make the sport more approachable. Our chatbot emphasizes on fighter stories and offers would offer a comprehensive fight companion that that guides users through events at the depth and speed they are comfortable with.


Not all interactions need to be about MMA as long as the conversation always circles back.

“George” is the fun (not creepy) uncle who gives great high fives and is always trying to get you to watch UFC. He is always stoked to keep up to date on all the fights and fighters. George is a character with a life outside of your conversations. During your chats he may pepper in details of his past, his current worries or bodily ailments, or his wife who thinks the UFC has gone soft. Conversations with you are the highlight of Georges humorously ordinary and adorably tragic existence.

Fighter Stories

The fighters are the UFC’s biggest asset. Personal stories and human drama is what allows casual/new fans to anchor themselves to the sport. Through interviews we found that most fans of combat sports only follow a small number of athletes with regularity. Our chatbot to introduces fans to fighters and the roads they took to get to the octagon. New and casual fans who can over come the hesitation caused by the violence and complexity of the sport by connecting to the human drama.

Fight Companion

Fans, new and old, want to know what happened in the fights they missed. Younger demographics may not have the money or time for PPV or cable fight nights. For those that want to dive deep, there are options for minute to minute recaps, fighter stats and insights into the nuances of the sport. For those in a hurry or more casual fans, video highlights and


James Krahe, Ynes Bouck & Daniel Huffine

Branded Experience Concept

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