Build A Warrior


3d modeling/Prototyping/Puzzle Design


Build a Warrior is a two-part interactive installation which was incorporated in the Terra Cotta Warriors of the First Emperor exhibition at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia and the Pacific Science Center in Seattle.

Build A Warrior

This interactive piece let visitors build their own terra cotta warrior using parts that snap together magnetically. The archeological record shows that the warriors were produced from standard arms, legs and torsos which were crafted with reusable molds. Visitors piece together their own warrior, or replicate one of the four that we provide the parts for.

Reassemble a Warrior

This interactive piece let visitors pretend to be an archeologist, reassembling artifacts from broken fragments. It is a full scale three dimensional puzzle of a head of a warrior, and a shoulder.

During this project, I worked closely with the Franklin Institutes talented experience designer, Ethan Frier, to refine the design and complexity of the digital models for the 3d printed pieces. All the parts were printed in high resolution on an SLA printer and snap together using polarized magnets that only let certain parts attach in the right orientation. 

Ethan Frier & Jimmy Krahe

Interactive Installation

The Franklin Institute
Pacific Science Center